2024 Moon Phases Calendar With Dates And Time

2024 Moon Phases Calendar: A Moon Phases Calendar is a useful tool for tracking the moon’s phases throughout the year. It can be useful for a variety of purposes, including planning outdoor activities, gardening, and even for personal reflection and spiritual practice. The calendar usually includes the dates of each full moon, new moon, and the various phases in between.

Yearly 2024 Moon Phases

2024 Moon Phases Calendar

The full moon phase is when the moon is fully illuminated by the sun, while the new moon phase is when the moon is not visible in the night sky. The different phases in between, such as the first quarter, first quarter, last quarter, etc., indicate the moon’s evolution from new to full.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the 2024 Annual Lunar Calendar can be useful for planning camping trips, hiking, or photography. A full moon phase can provide enough light for nighttime activities, while a new moon phase can offer the best conditions for stargazing.

Moon Phases 2024 calendar
Moon Phases 2024 calendar
Printable 2024 moon phases calendar
Moon Phases Calendar for 2024
Moon Phases Calendar for 2024

Lunar Phase 2024 Calendar Template

Gardeners can also take advantage of the Printable 2024 Moon Phases Calendar and use it to plan their planting and harvesting activities. The moon’s phases can affect the growth and development of plants: the new moon phase is best for planting and the full moon phase is best for harvesting.

Besides its practical use, the 2024 Moon Phase Calendar pdf can also have spiritual significance for some people. Many cultures have long associated the moon with femininity, intuition and the natural rhythm of life. Some people may use the calendar to plan spiritual practices, such as meditation or rituals, based on the phases of the moon.

Moon Calendar 2024
Moon Calendar 2024

In general, a Printable Monthly Calendar with Moon Phases can be a useful calendar for tracking the moon’s phases throughout the year and incorporating them into various aspects of our lives. Whether you’re planning outdoor activities, gardening, or personal reflection, it can be a valuable resource for many people.

2024 Moon Phases Calendar With Date

2024 Moon Phases Calendar Template

The 2024 Printable Moon phase Calendar can also be useful for those interested in astrology and its influence on our lives. The phases and position of the moon in the sky can have a profound effect on our emotions and behavior, as they affect the tides and water in our bodies.

Astrologers often rely on the moon’s phase and position in the sky to predict people’s moods, behavior and future events. For those interested in lunar magic or sorcery, the moon phase template is an essential tool. The different phases of the moon are believed to correspond to different types of magic and energy.

Lunar Phases Calendar 2024
Lunar Phases Calendar 2024

Printable Lunar Phase Calendar 2024

In addition, the Printable moon phase calendar can also be used to track the timing of major astronomical events such as eclipses. Both types of eclipses are relatively rare events, and an annual lunar calendar can help you plan and prepare for these events. Another important aspect of the annual lunar calendar is the ability to follow “moon signs” for astrology.

Moon Phases January 2024

Let’s take a look at the moon phases for January 2024. The 2024 moon calendar shows a fascinating shift from the lunar January calendar to the moon phases of the January calendar.

We’re excited to see the unique lunar phases not only in January but also in the lunar phases January 2024 calendar. Keep an eye out for the moon phases in January 2024.

Lunar January 2024 Calendar

Moon Phases February 2024

We’ll be seeing a range of different phases in February 2024, including a new, first quarter, full, and last quarter. Our February 2024 lunar phases calendar will guide us.

The 2024 moon calendar is essential for planning. Looking ahead, we’ll prepare moon 2024 February calendar templates and note July moon phases dates and times.

Let’s embrace the moon phases in February 2024 together.

February 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
February 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar

Moon Phases March 2024

You’re going to love observing the lunar patterns in March 2024, they’re truly something special.

We’ve compiled the March lunar templates calendar, which beautifully maps out the moon phases March 2024.

Similar to the October and November moon phases calendars, the 2024 moon calendar is a fantastic tool to guide your stargazing adventures.

2024 March Lunar Templates Calendar

Moon Phases April 2024

In April 2024, you’ll find the stargazing even more fascinating as the lunar patterns continue to evolve. We’re providing the April moon calendar to guide you.

Ahead, we’re also preparing the lunar phases August calendar. As we transition to autumn, we’ll keep you updated with the April 2024 calendar moon phases.

Together, we’ll unravel the mysteries of the moon.

April 2024 Moon Calendars
April 2024 Moon Calendars

Moon Phases May 2024

May 2024’s sky patterns are next on our 2024 May lunar phases list, and they promise to be just as mesmerizing. We’ve got a New Moon on the 2nd, giving way to a First Quarter on the 9th.

We’ll be treated to a Full Moon on the 18th, then watch it wane to the Last Quarter on the 25th. We’re looking forward to sharing this lunar journey with you!

Moon Phases of May 2024 Calendar

Moon Phases June 2024

June 2024’s celestial dance is sure to be a sight to behold, with the first phase kicking off on the 1st and the final one happening on the 29th.

We’ll witness the moon in all its phases, from the mysterious new moon to the spectacular full moon.

We’re in for a treat with this June 2024 Moon Phases cycle, so let’s mark our calendars and enjoy the show.

Moon June 2024 Calendar templates
Moon June 2024 Calendar templates

Moon Phases July 2024

Moving on from June’s moon phases, let’s delve into July 2024.

We’re eager to share the fascinating lunar activities in this month. We’ll explore when to expect the new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.

We’re sure you’ll find it interesting to follow these changes in the sky. So, let’s jump in and discover the lunar phases for July 2024.

July 2024 Moon Phases Dates & Time

Moon Phases August 2024

After exploring July’s celestial dance, we’ll now venture into August 2024’s sky activities.

We’ll witness the August 2024 Lunar phases transition from New Moon to Full Moon. We’ll gaze at the First Quarter on the 7th, the Full Moon on the 14th, and the Last Quarter on the 22nd.

We can’t wait to watch the moon’s different phases light up the sky.

Lunar Phases August 2024 Calendar
Lunar Phases August 2024 Calendar

Moon Phases September 2024

You’ll be thrilled to see how the night sky changes in September 2024 as we follow the celestial body’s cycle through its phases.

We’ll watch as the September 2024 moon phases transitions from a new moon to a full moon, illuminating the night with its radiant glow.

We’ll be amazed by the variations in the moon’s appearance and its impact on the tides and wildlife.

2024 September Calendar Moon Phases

Moon Phases October 2024

In October 2024, we’re in for another fascinating cycle of lunar transformations. Each phase offers a unique spectacle in the night sky. We’ll witness the moon’s journey from a slender crescent to full, then waning back into darkness.

It’s a celestial performance we’re eager to observe. So, let’s grab our Lunar October 2024 calendars, mark the dates, and prepare to gaze in awe.

October 2024 Moon Phases Calendar
October 2024 Moon Phases Calendar

Moon Phases November 2024

November 2024’s celestial show promises to be just as captivating, with each phase of our November 2024 lunar Phase companion’s journey transforming the night sky.

We’ll watch in wonder as the moon transitions from a sliver of a new moon to a full, radiant orb. Then, we’ll witness the gradual waning until it disappears, ready to begin its cycle anew.

It’s a spectacle we’re eager to witness.

Moon Phases November 2024 Calendar

Moon Phases December 2024

As December 2024 rolls around, you’re going to find each celestial display as mesmerizing as the last one. You’ll be watching our lunar neighbor make its transformative journey across the night sky.

We’ll observe the 2024 December moon’s phases, from new to full, and back again. We’ll marvel at its luminous beauty and cherish these magical moments of lunar observation that December 2024 brings us.

Lunar phases December 2024 Calendar
Lunar phases December 2024 Calendar

2024 Moon Phases Calendar With Date And Time

Moon Phases for New York, USA in 2024

New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonThird Quarter
3 Jan 21:30
11 Jan 05:5717 Jan 21:5225 Jan 11:542 Feb 17:18
9 Feb 16:5916 Feb 09:0024 Feb 06:303 Mar 09:23
10 Mar 04:0016 Mar 23:1025 Mar 02:001 Apr 22:14
8 Apr 13:2015 Apr 14:1323 Apr 18:481 May 06:27
7 May 22:2115 May 06:4823 May 08:5330 May 12:12
6 Jun 07:3714 Jun 00:1821 Jun 20:0728 Jun 16:53
5 Jul 17:5713 Jul 17:4821 Jul 05:1727 Jul 21:51
4 Aug 06:1312 Aug 10:1819 Aug 13:2526 Aug 04:25
2 Sep 20:5511 Sep 01:0517 Sep 21:3424 Sep 13:49
2 Oct 13:4910 Oct 13:5517 Oct 06:2624 Oct 03:03
1 Nov 07:478 Nov 23:5515 Nov 15:2822 Nov 19:27
1 Dec 00:218 Dec 09:2615 Dec 03:0122 Dec 16:18
30 Dec 16:26


As we bid farewell to the lunar journey of 2024, we’re reminded of the moon’s timeless allure. Like a celestial storyteller, it weaves tales of light and shadow across the night canvas, captivating hearts and minds.

Each phase, from the radiant full moon to the delicate crescent, whispers its own story, inviting us to pause and marvel at the beauty above. Let’s cherish these celestial moments, finding solace and wonder in the gentle rhythm of the moon’s dance through the heavens.

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