Lunar June 2024 Calendar Moon Phases with Dates

June 2024 Calendar Moon Phases: plan your month with the moon. Welcome to our comprehensive article on the moon phases of the lunar calendar in June 2024. The Moon has been used for centuries as a way to mark time and to help people understand the rhythms of nature.

The Moon affects the tides, influences animal behavior, and even impacts our moods and emotions. In this article, we will explore the June 2024 Calendar Moon Phases with Dates, and how you can use this knowledge to plan your month.

2024 June Lunar Templates Calendar

Lunar June 2024 Calendar Moon Phases

We will cover each phase in detail, including the dates and times, as well as the meaning and significance of each phase. Now that we have a basic understanding of the lunar calendar, let’s take a closer look at the specific June 2024 Calendar Moon Phases.

This month will be particularly exciting for stargazers, as there will be a total of four moon phases to observe. On June 3rd, we will experience the first quarter moon phase.

This phase occurs when the moon is halfway between the new moon and the full moon and is characterized by a half-moon shape in the sky.

The first quarter moon phase is often associated with productivity and taking action, so use this time to focus on your goals and make progress towards your aspirations.

Next up, we have the full moon on June 10th. This is the most well-known and celebrated moon phase and is characterized by a fully illuminated moon in the night sky. Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors with These June 2024 Floral Calendars!

Moon June 2024 templates
Moon June 2024 templates
Lunar June 2024 Calendar
Moon Phases of June 2024 Calendar
Moon Phases of June 2024 Calendar

June 2024 Moon Phases Calendar Template

Here’s a June 2024 Moon Phases Calendar that’ll help you track the lunar cycle for that month. This handy tool will bring clarity to your moon observations, whether you’re an avid astronomer or simply love gazing at the night sky. The June lunar phase calendar is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

You’ll find it easy to follow the progression of the moon through its various stages during June 2024.

The June 2024 lunar template calendar includes all significant dates and times for each phase of the moon. It’s perfect for planning stargazing events or just satisfying your curiosity about our celestial partner.

With this June moon calendar, you’ll never miss another major lunar event again. It’s essential for all who want to stay connected with nature’s cycles!

June 2024 Moon Calendar
June 2024 Moon Calendar
June 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
June 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar

June 2024 Lunar Phases

PhasesDate and Time
New Moon06 June 12:37
First Quarter14 June 5:18
Full Moon22 June 01:08
Last Quarter28 June 21:53
June 2024 Lunar Phases Dates & Time


Understanding the lunar calendar and phases of the moon can provide valuable information and guidance for a variety of areas in our lives. With the Lunar June 2024 Calendar Moon Phases Dates approaching, there will be many opportunities to observe and appreciate the moon’s beauty and power in the night sky. We hope this guide has been helpful and informative and we wish you a happy and fulfilling June 2024.

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