Lunar September 2023 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates

Welcome to our convenient Lunar September 2023 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates, helping you track the captivating lunar phases of the moon. Determine the current phase of the moon for tonight: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent, or Old Moon.

Unlike the captivating spectacle of full moons, which can truly take one’s breath away, particularly during tranquil nights, the sky is quietly graced by the new moon on Thursday nights. As for the upcoming celestial events, the eagerly anticipated next solar eclipse is scheduled for October 14th of this year. See here: October 2023 Moon Phases Lunar Templates

Did You Know? Harvest Moon and Astronomical Significance

Were you aware that the Full Moon during September is referred to as the Harvest Moon? Traditionally, it was believed that its light aided farmers in gathering crops during the fall. As the autumn season approaches, nights grow longer, and the Harvest Moon’s light becomes more valuable. It’s astronomically intriguing because the time between successive moonrises shrinks, marking shorter days and longer nights.

In the lunar calendar, a fresh lunar cycle is initiated by each full moon’s counterpart, the new moon. New moons are typically observed occurring roughly once a month, as the moon completes its orbit around Earth in approximately 29.5 days, a fact recorded in the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

september 2023 calendar template with moon phases
september 2023 moon phases calendar

September 2023 Moon Phases with Dates

New Moon16 August 15:08
First Quarter24 August 15:27
Third Quarter8 August 15:58
Full Moon31 August 07:05
full moon and new moon for september 2023
full moon and new moon september 2023 month source: moongiant

Tonight’s Moon Phase: Check If It’s Full Moon

Curious about tonight’s moon phase? Our September calendar provides information about the present phase (new, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent) of the moon. Remember, these dates are estimates, with exact times potentially varying by a day. You should also check out our Calendar for September 2023 with Holidays.

lunar calendar sptember 2023
lunar calendar sptember 2023

Simple Moon Phase Calendar September 2023

For a quick reference, here’s a simplified version featuring the main segments: new, first quarter, last quarter, and full. Easily glance at the moon’s September 2023 phases.

moon phases september 2023

Moon Phase Calendar September 2023

Explore the moon’s journey through September 2023, day by day. The month begins with a Last Quarter moon phase, illuminated at 49.99%. Navigate by clicking icons for each day, and delve into detailed information about your chosen day’s lunar phase.

September 2023 Lunar Calendar Phases
September 2023 Lunar Calendar Phases

Optimal Aurora Viewing Tip

For optimal auroral viewing, consider the Moon’s brightness. Its light can overpower faint auroras, especially when viewing conditions are less favorable.

Find Moon Phases september 2023 for both the current and next month, ensuring you’re aware of times when the Moon might affect your aurora sightings.

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Learn about the Harvest Moon’s significance and its ties to shorter days. Explore tonight’s moon phase and utilize our streamlined, four-stage calendar.

Discover the moon’s phases each day, beginning September 1st. Remember our optimal aurora viewing tip for enhanced experiences. Trust our accurate, informative, and engaging september moon phases calendar for your celestial journey.

September 2023 Moon Phases Template

September 2023 Moon Phase with Dates

DateMoon PhaseMoon Visibility
September 01 (Friday)Waning Gibbous99%
September 02 (Saturday)Waning Gibbous94%
September 03 (Sunday)Waning Gibbous87%
September 04 (Monday)Waning Gibbous79%
September 05 (Tuesday)Waning Gibbous69%
September 06 (Wednesday)Last Quarter59%
September 07 (Thursday)Waning Crescent49%
September 08 (Friday)Waning Crescent39%
September 09 (Saturday)Waning Crescent30%
September 10 (Sunday)Waning Crescent21%
September 11 (Monday)Waning Crescent14%
September 12 (Tuesday)Waning Crescent8%
September 13 (Wednesday)Waning Crescent4%
September 14 (Thursday)Waning Crescent1%
September 15 (Friday)New Moon0%
September 16 (Saturday)Waxing Crescent1%
September 17 (Sunday)Waxing Crescent4%
September 18 (Monday)Waxing Crescent8%
September 19 (Tuesday)Waxing Crescent14%
September 20 (Wednesday)Waxing Crescent22%
September 21 (Thursday)Waxing Crescent32%
September 22 (Friday)First Quarter42%
September 23 (Saturday)Waxing Gibbous53%
September 24 (Sunday)Waxing Gibbous64%
September 25 (Monday)Waxing Gibbous74%
September 26 (Tuesday)Waxing Gibbous84%
September 27 (Wednesday)Waxing Gibbous92%
September 28 (Thursday)Waxing Gibbous97%
September 29 (Friday)Full Moon100%
September 30 (Saturday)Waning Gibbous99%

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