Full & New Lunar December 2024 Moon Phases Calendar With Dates

When you explore the December 2024 Moon Phases Calendar Lunar Template, you’ll notice how it meticulously tracks the moon’s journey.

This template is designed to help you appreciate each phase’s unique beauty and significance.

Interested in the features and specifics in this lunar template?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this December 2024 moon phase indispensable.

December 2024 Moon Phases Calendar

As December 2024 approaches, you’ll notice a sequence of distinct moon phases marking the final lunar cycle of the year.

The December 2024 moon calendar navigates the moon’s phases, displaying every stage from the new moon to the full moon and then back to the latest.

Moon December 2024 templates
Moon December 2024 templates
Lunar Phases December 2024 Calendar Free
December 2024 Moon Calendar
December 2024 Moon Calendar

December 2024 Calendar Lunar Template

What makes the December 2024 calendar’s lunar template honestly stand out?

The December 2024 lunar calendar promises you to catch all the sky events.

With the December 2024 lunar templates calendar, you get a manageable format that highlights full moons, new moons, and everything in between.

This template is ideal for those who want to explore how the moon affects their daily life.

Lunar December 2024 Calendar
Lunar December 2024 Calendar
December 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
December 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar

December 2024 Moon Phases with Dates

Lunar PhaseDateTime (UTC)
New MoonDecember 106:21
First QuarterDecember 815:27
Full MoonDecember 1509:02
Last QuarterDecember 2222:18
New MoonDecember 3022:27
December 2024 Moon Phases


You’ve got the December 2024 Moon Phases Calendar Lunar Template to see the moon’s dance in its last phases for the year.

This calendar is your ticket to celestial wonder.

Enjoy the journey through the moon’s phases!

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