Lunar November 2023 Calendar Moon Phases With Dates

Accept on a celestial journey through the captivating lunar November 2023 calendar moon phases with dates. If you’re a stargazing enthusiast, this calendar is the perfect partner for you, regardless of your level of expertise. Let’s know the lunar phases and their corresponding dates on this astral adventure.

Our lunar calendar reveals the mesmerizing dance of the Moon’s phases, allowing you to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the night sky.

November 2023 Lunar Phases Calendar

By selecting the month and year, you can explore how the Moon will appear on any specific day of that month. It’s like having your personal portal to the cosmos. While our step calculator ensures accuracy, please keep in mind that the images provided are approximate representations.

The primary Moon Phase Calendar page always displays the current month by default, making it a convenient bookmark for all your astronomical pursuits.

Beyond being a fascinating hobby, comprehending lunar phases holds practical importance. For instance, fishermen have traditionally relied on the Moon’s phases to forecast high and low tides, which significantly influence their catch. The Moon becomes their trusted ally in the depths of the ocean. Plan your November adventures with our FREE November 2023 Calendar featuring all the Holiday Dates!

DateMoon Phase
November 5? Last Quarter
November 13? New Moon
November 20? First Quarter
November 27? Full Moon

November 2023 Moon Phases and Their Impact on Health

The waning Moon phase is often suggested for surgeries as it helps the body heal better. The Moon’s influence seems to assist in the healing process.

However, it’s best to avoid surgeries on organs affected by the zodiac sign the Moon is passing through on the surgery day, as these organs may be more sensitive during this phase. The Moon’s sway extends beyond the night sky, reaching into the realm of human well-being. Also, If you want to plan your vacation for this month then you should check November 2023 Calendar with Holidays.

November 2023 Moon Phases Calendar

Beaver Moon in Gemini November 2023

The Old Farmer’s Almanac provides various explanations for the Beaver Moon. This period represents the beavers’ active preparations for the upcoming winter, making it an ideal time to set beaver traps before the swamps freeze.

It serves as a reminder that even in the sky, nature’s cycles are closely observed and celebrated. According to Montúfar, from an astrological standpoint, this “intense lunar event” is focused on regaining concentration and addressing neglected responsibilities. This celestial happening encourages us to refocus and tackle unfinished tasks.

Printable November 2023 Lunar Phases Calendar
Printable November 2023 Moon Phases Calendar

During this full moon, concentration and diligence will be particularly beneficial, especially for those born under Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. It’s like the universe giving a cosmic push in the right direction.


Our lunar calendar for November 2023 will help you understand the Moon’s phases and how they affect your surroundings. Whether you’re interested in astronomy or have practical hobbies like fishing and farming, the Moon’s impact is truly amazing. Prepare to be awed by the splendor of the nighttime sky and utilize this heavenly navigator to its fullest potential.

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