New and Full Lunar January 2024 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates

Enter the magical world of the night sky, where the moon takes center stage and casts a spell of wonder upon us all. As we welcome January 2024 with open arms, let’s embark on a celestial journey through the intricate tapestry of moon phases that will grace our nights this month.

Brace yourself for a lunar spectacle that promises to captivate star gazers and dreamers alike, as the moon waxes and wanes, painting the canvas of the night with its silvery glow.

january 2024 full and new moon phases calendar
january 2024 full and new moon phases

Lunar January 2024 Moon Phases Calendar

January is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to mark the passage of time than by observing the lunar transitions on a meticulously crafted moon calendar.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the enchanting dance of the moon, as it unveils its mesmerizing phases and takes us on a journey through the night sky. Get ready to be spellbound by the beauty of the moon, and let its silvery glow guide you towards a month filled with magic and wonder. If you want to plan your full year schedule then you should try our 12 month calendar in one page templates which is free to donwload & print.

january 2024 moon phases calendar
january 2024 moon phases calendar
january 2024 moon calendar template

New and Full January 2024 Moon Phases with Dates

lunar calendar january 2024 with dates
lunar calendar january 2024

1. Last Quarter – January 4 – Time – 03:30 UTC

As the first week of January unfolds, the moon takes on the role of the waning crescent in the night sky. This phase, known as the Last Quarter, reveals just a sliver of its brilliance. The clock strikes 03:30 UTC, and the moon bids adieu to its fuller form, paving the way for the upcoming celestial performances.

2. New Moon – January 11 – Time – 11:57 UTC

The night of January 11 envelopes the sky in a cloak of darkness as the New Moon emerges. During this phase, the moon becomes the elusive disappearing act, vanishing from our sight. At 11:57 UTC, the cosmic curtain rises, and the moon, hidden from view, begins its cycle anew.

3. First Quarter – January 18 – Time – 03:52 UTC

Mid-January brings a dramatic twist to the lunar narrative. The First Quarter phase, arriving at 03:52 UTC, reveals a half-moon suspended in the vastness. This is a tale of balance and contrast, where light and darkness intersect, offering a spectacle that is both profound and evocative.

4. Full Moon – January 25 – Time – 17:54 UTC

As the final act of this celestial performance approaches, the moon takes on its most enchanting guise – the Full Moon. On January 25, at 17:54 UTC, the sky becomes a theater of radiance. The Full Moon graces us with its luminous presence, casting an ethereal glow that bathes the world in its silver hues.

January 2024 Moon Calendar Templates

With each passing phase, the moon tells a story of transformation, reminding us of the ever-changing nature of life itself. The January 2024 moon phases calendar is not merely a list of dates; it’s an invitation to connect with the cosmos, to gaze upward and ponder the mysteries of the universe.

As we traverse through the tapestry of January, let’s remember that while the moon’s journey is constant, it gifts us a fresh perspective every night. In the language of the cosmos, the moon whispers that change is beautiful, and each phase, just like every moment in life, is a unique masterpiece waiting to be embraced.

january 2024 lunar calendar templates
january 2024 moon phases templates
january 2024 moon phases templates


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