10+ Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards Set 2023 For Download

When it comes to creating an exciting indoor Halloween game that will leave kids grinning from ear to ear, Halloween Bingo Cards emerges as the ultimate choice. It’s an ideal addition to your classroom festivities or Halloween gatherings, and the best part is, you can use either candy or non-candy treats as bingo markers. Choosing candy as markers allows the little ones to savor sweet rewards, making it a perfect treat!

Halloween Bingo Cards is a versatile game suitable for various age groups, making it a fantastic option for school events, costume parties, and a wonderful alternative for children with food allergies who may find traditional trick-or-treating a bit challenging.

Free Halloween Bingo Cards Printable

Our free printable Halloween Bingo cards are incredibly easy to print out, simplifying the setup for any Halloween celebration. Kids can fill their bingo boards and earn special treats, whether it’s an additional bonus or an allergy-friendly alternative.

This game offers more than just Halloween fun. Consider incorporating it into your next family movie night for added excitement. Rest assured, this spine-chilling Bingo game is perfect for any occasion and is sure to be a hit.

The allure of Halloween is irresistible – from the charming decorations to the crisp autumn air and the transformation of foliage. And let’s not forget the delicious delight of candy corn. It’s pure magic!

Halloween Bingo Cards Sets For Download

Our Halloween Bingo cards feature a medley of Halloween-themed vocabulary words, infusing both enjoyment and education into the game. With ten unique bingo cards in the set, it’s a breeze to print and use for your gatherings.

For added durability, we recommend printing the bingo cards and calling cards on cardstock and giving them a laminate treatment.

Alongside these bingo cards, you can also explore our Halloween witch hat printables, Halloween 2023 coloring pages, and Halloween spooky wallpapers for a complete scary experience.

Speaking from experience, hosting unforgettable parties for kids is a highlight of Halloween, and our Halloween Bingo game has consistently pleased the crowd.

Whether it’s a school Halloween party or a delightful home activity, this free printable Halloween Bingo Templates with eight unique boards is cherished by children year after year. You can rely on that!

How to Play Halloween Bingo Cards

1. Prepare a Draw Pile: You can make a draw pile by cutting up one of the cards or printing an extra one

2. Distribute Bingo Cards: Provide Bingo cards to each child, along with their choice of candy, Halloween stickers, or other markers. Favorites like candy corn and candy pumpkins tend to be especially popular choices.

3. Start Drawing: Place the cut-up icons in a bowl or plastic jack-o’-lantern. Display them individually, allowing players to mark them off on their card one by one.

4. Declare the Winner: The first person to achieve five Halloween icons in a row emerges as the victorious Bingo master!


When it comes to prizes, you have various options to consider – from sweet treats and cherished Halloween books to scrumptious caramel apples or adorable pumpkins.

The key is to tailor the prizes to your group, with smaller rewards for classroom or family settings and more enticing ones for larger events.


Halloween Bingo Cards is a thrilling game that adds excitement to Halloween traditions. It brings friends and family together, providing a fun and engaging experience. This game allows everyone to celebrate the holiday with suspense, laughter, and friendly competition.

Updated: October 26, 2023 — 7:26 am

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