August 2024 Holidays Calendar Template With Date

As summer’s end approaches, you’re likely eager to make the most of every sun-soaked moment. Don’t let a special date slip by unnoticed. Our August 2024 holiday calendar ensures you won’t miss a thing.

This handy guide keeps track of all important dates, festivals, and public holidays so that you can plan.

Whether it’s arranging family get togethers or just enjoying an extra day off, we’ve got you covered with the who, what, and when!

August 2024 USA Holidays Calendar with Large Space Notes

August 2024 Holidays Calendar

You’ll find it quite helpful to keep track of your plans with the August 2024 calendar with holidays. This calendar will ensure you don’t miss a single holiday in the month ahead.

It’s easy to use and offers both a national and international perspective, making it perfect for those with overseas connections. The holiday calendar is available in various formats, like Word, Excel & PDF.

So whether you prefer the holiday August 2024 calendar Word version for its ease of customization or the August holiday 2024 calendar PDF version for its portability, there’s an option that suits your needs.

Make sure to also keep track of the August 2024 USA holiday calendar! It showcases all the special American celebrations that are important to remember.

Always remember, being prepared is always beneficial!

Cute August calendar 2024 With Holiday Dates
Cute August Calendar 2024 With Holiday Dates
Free Monthly August 2024 Holidays Calendar Template
August 2024 Editable Holidays Calendar
August 2024 Holidays Calendar with Large Space Notes
2024 August Calendar Holidays Free Printable
2024 August Calendar Holidays Free Printable

August 2024 Calendar Template With Holiday Dates

It’s important to keep track of the special days in 2024 so you don’t miss any significant occasions. One way to do this is by using our August 2024 holiday calendar template.

This August 2024 calendar allows you to see all the notable dates in advance, ensuring nothing catches you off guard.

You might prefer an August 2024 holiday Monday start calendar, which positions Monday as the first day of the week. This layout is handy for those who like their weekends grouped at the end.

August 2024 Notable Holiday Calendar
August 2024 Holidays Calendar With Notes

Additionally, having an August 204 calendar holiday template makes planning easier. It offers a clear view of public holidays and observances, helping you schedule your activities accordingly.

2024 August Calendar Template With Holiday Date

Easy Print Out Tips

Printing out your schedule shouldn’t be a hassle, let’s discuss some easy tips to streamline the process.

August 2024 Calendar Holidays Free Download
August 2024 Calendar Holidays Free Download
  • First up, select the right template. You’ll want something that highlights holidays and important dates.
  • Next, check your printer settings. Make sure you’re printing in landscape format for easier reading and use color if possible to differentiate between days.
  • Don’t forget to preview before hitting print! This ensures everything fits perfectly on one page without any cut-off content. Also make sure you’ve got enough ink – nothing’s worse than a half-printed calendar.
  • Lastly, consider paper quality. A sturdier paper can withstand more wear and tear, so it’s worth investing in if you’ll be referencing your calendar daily.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have a clear, easy to read Free August 2024 holiday calendar ready to go!

August 2024 Holidays Overview List

Let’s dive into the notable observances in the eighth month of 2024. You’ll find a mix of civic, religious, and fun-filled holidays that you can celebrate.

1 AugThursdayColorado DayState Observance
4 AugSundayCoast Guard BirthdayObservance
4 AugSundayBarack Obama DayObservance
4 AugSundayAmerican Family DayState Holiday
7 AugWednesdayPurple Heart DayObservance
7 AugWednesdayPurple Heart DayState Observance
12 AugMondayVictory DayState Holiday
13 AugTuesdayTisha B’AvJewish holiday
15 AugThursdayAssumption of MaryChristian
16 AugFridayHawaii Statehood DayState Holiday
16 AugFridayBennington Battle DayState Holiday
18 AugSundayNational Navajo Code Talkers DayState Holiday
18 AugSundayNational Senior Citizens DayObservance
19 AugMondayRaksha BandhanHindu Holiday
19 AugMondayNational Aviation DayObservance
26 AugMondayJanmashtamiHindu Holiday
26 AugMondaySusan B. Anthony DayState Observance
26 AugMondayWomen’s Equality DayObservance


In wrapping up, you’ve got the whole scoop on the August 2024 holidays. Remember, ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’

So be sure to plan using this guide and make every moment of your holiday count.

Print it out, and mark your dates- let’s make those days off work unforgettable!

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