15+ Printable Free Storyboard Example Templates Blank 2023

Storyboards are an essential tool in the media industry, providing a visual plan for films, videos, and creative projects. They capture the essence of the story and its visual progression, making them invaluable for filmmakers and media professionals. This blog post delves deep into storyboards and their various applications in the media field.

Additionally, we will provide you with practical insights and techniques for creating impactful storyboards, as well as explore the range of software and tools available to you. It offers a wealth of helpful tips and tricks to assist you in crafting engaging and powerful storyboards.

Free Storyboard Example Template

What is the Storyboard Example Template

A storyboard template is a pre-made document that ease the process of making storyboards. It comes with the required formatting, layout, and design elements, allowing you to personalize it with the specific details of your story. You can utilize software such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop to generate these templates, and then decide whether to print them or save them digitally for added convenience.

Key Components of a Storyboard Example Templates

The efficacy of a storyboard template depends on the richness of information it encapsulates. Typically, storyboards align with a completed script to seamlessly blend textual description with visual representation.

However, scenarios may arise, such as when producing corporate videos or collaborating with ad agencies, where scripts are absent. In such cases, additional information about shot types and duration becomes paramount for clarity.

While the exact content can vary based on your project’s unique needs, there are certain popular elements that filmmakers often seek in a storyboard.

This isn’t just a random list but a compilation of valuable insights garnered from years of experience in the film industry. Our Creative Team has meticulously designed a flexible yet comprehensive template that we employ in our projects. Also, we have Personal Letter Templates 2023 which help you to personalized things easily.

Diverse Printable Storyboard Templates To Choose From

Various storyboard templates 2023 cater to specific requirements. Here are some widely-used options:

  1. Film Storyboard Templates: These are tailored for the film industry, facilitating the planning of scenes and shots. They often feature sections for descriptions, camera angles, and dialogues.
  2. Comic Book Storyboard Templates: These templates are perfect for illustrators and comic book artists, helping them lay out the pages of a comic book.
  3. Advertising Storyboard Templates: Marketers and advertisers rely on these templates to outline concepts for commercials and promotional materials.
  4. Education Storyboard Templates: Teachers employ these to craft educational materials and visual aids for their lessons.
  5. Business Presentation Storyboard Templates: Professionals can utilize these templates to organize and structure their presentations, ensuring a seamless flow and engaging content.

Mastering Storyboard Example Templates Effectively

  • Clarity and Detail: Provide comprehensive descriptions and notes to ensure everyone grasps your creative vision.
  • Visual Aids: Incorporate images or sketches to convey your ideas more effectively, making your storyboard more engaging.
  • Organization: Label and number your frames for easy reference and seamless sequencing.
  • Revision and Iteration: Don’t shy away from making changes and revisions as your project evolves.
  • Collaboration: Share your storyboard with all stakeholders involved in your project to gather their input and feedback, fostering a collaborative creative process.
Free Storyboard Example Template


Printable storyboard templates are invaluable tools that enhance the visualization and organization of your creative ideas. They save time, streamline communication, and elevate the quality of your projects. There are so many templates available online that finding the perfect one for your needs is a piece of cake. So, why not give them a try and elevate your creative endeavors to new heights?

Updated: November 3, 2023 — 6:53 am

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