Free Printable Food Diary Templates 2024 [Log / Journal in Word, Excel] for Sample 7 Days

Food Diary Templates 2024: Keeping a food diary can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. This simple tool allows you to track and record everything you eat and drink over a certain period, offering valuable insights into your diet and nutrition.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of food diary templates, including free printable options in Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, manage a medical condition, or simply become more mindful of what you eat, we’ve got you covered with customizable templates that suit your needs.

weekly food diary and exercise log template

Free Printable Food Diary Templates 2024

Your Structured Guide food diary templates provide an organized format to jot down your daily food consumption. You can document meals, snacks, and beverages, detailing not only what you eat but also portion sizes, calorie counts, and macronutrient breakdowns.

free food diary templates are especially handy if you’re trying to manage your weight, track allergies, or meet specific health goals.

weight watchers food diary printable
weekly food diary template printable 2024
weekly food diary template printable 2024
printable food journal food diary template 2024
printable downloadable food diary template
printable downloadable food diary template
plan food diary template
plan food diary template

Word Templates: Our collection of free printable Word-based Food Diary Templates is perfect for those who prefer a familiar document format. Here are a few options to choose from:

Daily Food Diary Template: Monitor your daily meals, snacks, and water intake conveniently. Weekly Food Journal: Track your entire week’s eating habits in one place.

Special Diet Diary: If you’re following a specific diet plan, this template is tailored to your needs.

2. Excel Templates: Excel templates offer a more structured approach to food tracking. They allow you to create graphs and charts to visualize your progress. Here are some Excel-based options:

Calorie Tracker: Keep an eye on your daily calorie intake with this template.

Macro and Micronutrient Diary: Ideal for those focusing on balanced nutrition.

Weight and Measurement Tracker: Monitor changes in your weight and body measurements over time.

PDF Templates: If you prefer a print-ready format or something that can be easily shared digitally, PDF templates are the way to go:

Basic Food Log: A simple, no-frills template for daily food tracking.

template for food diary
printable food journal food diary template
printable food journal food diary template
online food diary
printable food diary log
printable food diary log

Food Diary PDF Templates

“Your food diary is your compass on the journey to a healthier you.” – Nutritionist Sarah Jones

  • Be honest and consistent with your entries.
  • Include details such as portion sizes, cooking methods, and ingredients.
  • Note the time and location of your meals to identify patterns.
  • Reflect on your entries to make informed decisions about your diet.
hcg food diary template

Benefits of keeping a Food Diary Template for Sample 7 Days

Before diving into the various templates available, let’s understand why maintaining a food diary is so beneficial. A food diary can:

Boost Accountability: Tracking your food intake encourages you to think twice before indulging in unhealthy snacks or excessive portions.

Identify Patterns: It helps you recognize eating habits, triggers for overeating, or specific foods that may not agree with your body.

Track Progress: By documenting your journey, you can celebrate successes, learn from setbacks, and stay motivated.

Work with Professionals: If you’re working with a nutritionist or dietitian, a food diary is an invaluable tool for them to provide tailored advice.

Record Everything: Log all foods and drinks, noting the time and portion size. Include condiments, sauces, and seasonings for accuracy.

Track Physical Activity: Document exercise type and duration. Add Notes: Include observations about your eating habits, such as your mood before and after meals or your hunger levels.

Weight Watchers: Those looking to shed pounds can benefit from tracking their eating habits.

Medical Condition Management: People with conditions like diabetes or allergies can use a food diary to monitor their intake effectively.

Nutrition Improvers: Anyone seeking to enhance their overall diet can gain valuable insights through food tracking.

Identifying Food Triggers: Individuals aiming to pinpoint foods causing adverse reactions like headaches or digestive issues.

Active Lifestyle: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can optimize their nutrient intake for peak performance.

Portion Control Seekers: Those aiming to monitor and manage portion sizes can use food diaries.

free printable food diary
food diary templates
food diary templates
food diary pdf
food diary printable template
food diary printable template
food diary printable word
food diary journal
food diary journal

Best Apps for Food Diaries Several mobile apps simplify food tracking:

MyFitnessPal: A comprehensive app for food, exercise, and weight tracking with a vast food database.

LoseIt: Ideal for setting weight loss goals and tracking food and exercise.

Fooducate: Helps make healthier food choices by rating products based on nutrition.

MyPlate by Livestrong: Tracks food, exercise, and weight, offering personalized recommendations.

Calory: I log food, water, exercise, and weight, and I provide insights and progress reports.

FatSecret: A calorie counter, barcode scanner, and food diary in one.

Plant Nanny: Gamifies food and water tracking with virtual plant growth.

CarbsControl: Designed for diabetes management and low-carb diets, tracking carbs, calories, and blood sugar levels.

WaterMinder: Monitors water intake and sends reminders to stay hydrated.

Food Tracker by YAZIO: Logs food and exercise, offering personalized recommendations.

Happy Body: Tracks food, exercise, and sleep, providing personalized health goal recommendations.

MealLogger: Allows photo-based meal tracking throughout the day.

DailyBurn: Offers a comprehensive food diary, workout plans, and personal trainer connections.

food diary journal log
food diary example
food diary example
food diary template goodnotes free 2024
food diary template goodnotes free 2024
diabetic food diary template excel 2024
childrens food diary template
childrens food diary template
7 day food diary template
7 day food diary template


With these free printable Food Diary Templates in Word, Excel, and PDF formats, you have the tools you need to take control of your eating habits and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Start today, track your progress, and watch your health improve one entry at a time. Now, go ahead and choose the template that suits you best.

Download Food Diary Templates By using these templates, you’re not just documenting your meals; you’re actively investing in your well-being.


How do I create my own food diary?

Grab a small notebook or use a food diary app to record your meals, including details about what you ate, when you ate it, and how you felt before and after eating. Always be sure to review your food diary to identity patterns.

How to maintain a food diary for IBS?

Record the timing of IBS symptoms in relation to your meals, get specific about what you eat and drink, document fiber and water intake, and note bowel movements and stool consistency. Be diligent in your tracking to identify trigger foods.

What are the four basic rules for maintaing a food diary?

Follow these essential rules: record promptly, include specific details, describe your emotional and physical states, and be honest and accurate in your logging.

Disclaimer: Always consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist before making significant dietary changes or starting any new eating plan. These templates are tools to aid in self-monitoring and should not replace personalized medical advice.

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