Stephen Curry Ejected Throwing Mouthpiece Warriors Grizzlies

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors point guard, was ejected from a game against the Memphis Grizzlies after throwing his mouthpiece. 

The incident occurred during a crucial moment in the game,

when the team was struggling to keep up and the momentum had shifted.

Curry's frustration was evident and his action of throwing his mouthpiece resulted in an automatic ejection.

Curry's ejection was a costly one for the team, as he was no longer able to play, 

and it also highlighted the team's lack of composure and discipline at a critical point in the game. 

This incident raised questions about the team's ability to handle pressure and perform under pressure, especially as the season progresses.

It's worth noting that throwing a mouthpiece is a technical foul,

and results in automatic ejection according to the NBA rules, Curry will likely face a fine and possible suspension.

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