‘Shotgun Wedding’ movie review

 Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel stuck in a dreadful dud

Shotgun Wedding, a new film set to release in 2023, is receiving negative reviews for its poor execution and lack of an engaging plot.

The movie follows the story of Darcy and Tom, a couple planning their destination wedding in the Philippines.

With challenges arising from conflicting desires for the perfect wedding and financial disagreements,

the couple must navigate the pressures of planning the event while also trying to prove their worth to each other's families.

Despite featuring talented actors such as Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, 

the film has been criticized for its uninspired plot and for wasting the talents of its cast.

Darcy’s sister Jamie (Callie Hernandez) is a bit of a wild child and does not turn up in time to do Darcy’s hair as she is getting up to a spot of no good with best man Ricky (Desmin Borges).

With Jamie not around to curb her future mother-in-law, Carol’s (Jennifer Coolidge) excesses, Darcy ends up with something resembling a “condo” on her head.

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