PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) If you're looking at new land or property, go ahead and pursue it.

You now get a good deal that will reward you in the future.

Don`t jump into some get-rich-quick scheme, but you can diversify your stock portfolio to include some more high-risk stocks.

Make the most of this happy time by assuring your family that you love them and respect their wishes.

Make the most of your skills. As you leave your comfort zone today, you will find that your career horizons have expanded.

Do not eat to eat. Make sure your food is nutritious and safe to consume.

Even if you have been with your partner for a long time, today you will  find a new spark of passion and romance in your relationship.

Pisces Finance Today Real estate-related matters bring profits. Now is the right time to sell the real estate you had as inheritance.

Pisces Family Today Even if you've been dealing with  social or family concerns lately, you'll find that they're gone today.  Your companion respects you and does not hesitate in showing the feeling  publicly.

Pisces Career Today If you work in a pharmacy or related medical field, you will find that opportunities abroad are now open for you.

Pisces Health Today Today, your wellbeing needs some  precautions on your side to enjoy healthy life. Be careful not to get  involved in the dispute. Failure to do so will cause mental tension.

Pisces Love Life Today You will find that your  relationship has a special level of compassion. This will be of great  help to your relationship, and you should be free to express it.