Mountain Resacuers called up Ben Nevis for struggling dog

A mountain rescue team were called up the UK's highest mountain to bring back a dog that refused to budge.

Maggie, a 35kg Turkish Akbash dog, had sore paws and refused to go  further when the walkers she was with began their trek back down the  hill.

The three women attempted  to carry her but had to admit defeat. Lochaber Mountain Rescue got the pet back by 01:00 on Sunday, after a day that saw four other callouts.

Team Leader Donald Paterson said conditions had taken their toll on the dog. He said: "It had given up and the ladies were struggling to help it down.

"It had a few cuts to its paws, but I think with the heat and soreness it decided it wasn't going any further."

A stretcher party, complete with a casualty carer and chicken stick treats, was dispatched to assist Maggie.

The women managed to carry her halfway down Ben Nevis where they met the team.

Maggie was secured to the stretcher and transported the rest of the way by the team in the dark.

"The owners were struggling and would certainly have been up there all  night if they didn't get any assistance," said Mr Paterson.

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They finally finished their shift after the five-hour rescue at 01:00.