Love and Relationship Horoscope for July 17, 2022

Aries: After you've been pushed and stretched to your  maximum in love, it's tough to adequately explain the emotions you're  experiencing to others. Don't be disheartened if it's hard to get in  touch with your mates or find someone to listen to you today; don't let  that stop you.

Taurus: Fleeing from your troubles is never a solution  when it comes to your personal relationships. You run the risk of being  taken advantage of by your own resentment today.

Gemini: Having a connection with one's soulmate is a  very moving and uplifting event. When you finally come across someone  who seems to be a part of your life for a specific reason, inquire as to  what that reason is.

Cancer: Love and passion provide a sense of fulfilment.  Your experiences can be depressing if you have the impression that you  are putting in a lot of effort into your relationship but not getting  anything positive in return for your efforts.

Leo: The puzzle pieces are starting to fit together.  Things that you had anticipated would act as barriers are no longer an  issue. You are given the go-ahead to proceed, and everything that you  require to have a wonderful time with the person who has become the love  of your life is at your disposal.

Virgo: When a friend or lover reveals something  personal to you, it may be difficult to understand, but there is a  reason behind this, and that purpose is to be loved unconditionally,  without any judgement, which you can provide.

Libra: Today, romance is all around you. When you  maintain a close proximity to your areas of comfort and competence, the  choices are virtually limitless.

Scorpio: There is a noticeable improvement in your  connections. It's now easy to assert your control in a nice and  compassionate manner. As a result, you'll be well on your approach to  achieving all of your relationship goals because you're a self-starter.

Sagittarius: If you and your partner are in a solid  relationship, it could also feel like your connection is expanding. You  may not be ready to tackle certain aspects of your love life on your  own, but your friends and family may be able to point you in the right  direction.

Capricorn: Your relationship is going through a period  of transition right now, and it's a healthy one. This can lead to huge  discoveries regarding the patterns that you've been repeating in your  partnerships, extending all the way back to your childhood and the  partnership that your parents had.

Aquarius: While now is a fantastic time to develop  friendships, be careful not to let this come at the expense of all of  your other commitments. You have a strong desire to chat with your close  companions and acquaintances because you are experiencing a  particularly outgoing mood today.

Pisces: The relationship you've recently formed is  likely to last a long time. The effort you've put into the connection  has paid off, and you've had feelings for a long time. The foundation  for your passionate connection is being laid.