LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23) Some of your decisions may inadvertently cause some loss, as no one can always make the perfect decision.

Just roll with a punch. Your experience dealing with certain issues with  siblings has left you stressed out or emotionally depleted.

So far, the discussion has not progressed sufficiently along to represent a rapprochement.

Use all your office skills today to make a good impression on your colleagues and bosses.

Then you will see the odds in your favor! A little imagination can go a  long way, and you’ll be thanking yourself tomorrow for getting one step  closer to what you want.

The health stress has eased, and today you are finally able to breathe freely.

Strong connectivity can be experienced at romantic front. Your life may change with a simple hello.

Libra Finance Today In the heat of excitement about your finances, you can make some wrong decisions.

Libra Family Today History and experiences should tell you that  few subjects should be avoided at all costs in family. This is the time  to follow this mantra.

Libra Career Today Your dynamic attitude will give you a clear  advantage over your competitors at workplace. Therefore, make quick  decisions and maintain your presence of mind and skills to gain an  advantage over others.

Libra Health Today Fine health is indicated for the day. Make best use of the time. Today you will feel very calm and compose within.

Libra Love Life Today You may not be looking to add someone new in your life, but you’re likely to make more valuable connections today. Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Colour: Golden