AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) Time for thoughtful spiritual contemplation. This will help you keep in mind your career goals in the long run.

Consider all available options when it comes to generating wealth.

You may be very glad about what you did at the end of the day.

Your income can be high, that leaves you satisfied. You may not see the rewards of all your investments just yet.

However, you are seen laying a strong foundation for a stable future.

You can escape everything by watching an afternoon movie or enjoying a family meal.

Those suffering from recent physical illnesses can expect positive  changes in their condition today, which will be appreciated as their  improved health.

You may feel forced to spend more time with your lover, isolated from  other societies and their expectations and responsibilities.

Aquarius Finance Today If you have a commercial  property that you've always wanted to sell or are just starting to sell,  today is the day for significant financial benefits from that property.

Aquarius Family Today You will want to set aside all  your obligations and spend an intimate time with your spouse and kids.  Normally, you can't take a break from work like this, but today you can  make exceptions to relieve stress and reunite with your loved ones.

Aquarius Career Today Today you may feel a little  thoughtful. Before moving on, you want to establish the right path. You  may ponder how far you have come and how hard you have to work to get  here and wonder what the future path is waiting for you.

Aquarius Health Today You will feel healthy and  energetic, a great change from the last few days. Keep your exercise  program going as it will bring you great benefits both short and long  term.

Aquarius Love Life Today Your intimate and physical desires are heightened. Today will be a day full of sensuality and intimacy.