Fantastic Thanksgiving 2023 Activates For Kids -[Coloring Page, Place Card, Word Search]

Thanksgiving Activates 2023: As I gear up for the upcoming holidays, my mind is already buzzing with plans for the Thanksgiving dinner. Over the years, my kids have been notorious for bugging me right when I’m in the midst of pulling the turkey out of the oven or putting the finishing touches on roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.

This year, I’ve decided to be one step ahead by creating a dedicated space for my kids, complete with engaging activities to keep them entertained while we work our magic in the kitchen.

thanksgiving activities preschool

Fantastic Thanksgiving Activates 2023 For Kids

thanksgiving activities for high school students
thanksgiving activities
thanksgiving activities for toddlers

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages 2023

One fantastic idea is to set out Thanksgiving coloring pages that not only encourage creativity but also capture the essence of the season, featuring everything from turkeys to pumpkins.

With a variety of designs suitable for different age groups, it’s a surefire way to keep everyone happily occupied.

And if you want many more pages than just click and grab you favorite Free Thanksgiving Coloring Page.

turkey thanksgiving coloring page
thanksgiving coloring page preschool

Here’s a Pro Tip to boost the excitement: Print several copies and organize a mini coloring contest, making it a delightful activity for siblings and friends alike.

Happy Thanksgiving Word Search Template

Another brain-teasing option is a Turkey Day word search. This entertaining game not only enhances your child’s vocabulary but also promotes cognitive skills development.

Cleverly hiding words like “gratitude,” “harvest,” and “family” among the letters, it’s an engaging way to blend fun and learning.

thanksgiving bingo card
thanksgiving bingo card patterns

Here’s a Pro Tip: Turn the word search into a family affair, working on it together as a unit. It’s a wonderful bonding activity to share during the Thanksgiving festivities.

Printable Thanksgiving place card

For a more hands-on approach, get your kids involved in the holiday preparations by crafting DIY Thanksgiving place cards.

Utilize a printable template to design personalized cards for each family member, adding a special touch to your Thanksgiving table.

This not only allows your kids to showcase their creativity but also infuses a sense of gratitude by incorporating short messages on each card.

diy thanksgiving place cards

And here’s a Pro Tip to elevate the gratitude quotient: Include a thankful message on each place card, fostering a warm and appreciative atmosphere during the festive meal.


This Thanksgiving, make the celebration extra special for your kids with these free printable activities. Whether they’re coloring, crafting, or participating in a word search, these engaging activities are designed to bring joy and learning to the festive season. Download the printables, gather your supplies, and let the Thanksgiving fun commence!

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