Rebuking new climate law

The GOP nominee for a Senate seat in Georgia made the remark days after President Joe Biden signed into law a bill that will spend billions to address climate change.

Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for a Senate seat in Georgia, blasted a new law that's aimed in part at fighting climate change.

"They continue to try to fool you like they're helping you out, but they're not," Walker said Sunday at a Republican Jewish Coalition

The bill Biden signed will raise about $700 billion through corporate tax increases and prescription drug savings and spend about $400 billion on clean energy and health care provisions.

"Yes, you heard me right," Walker wrote on Twitter, saying Biden and his Democratic opponent in November, Sen. Raphael Warnock, "are spending $1.5 billion on 'urban forestry.'"

The new law provides $1.5 billion in grants to state agencies and nonprofit organizations "for tree planting and related activities," according to the bill's text.

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