Mega Millions winner who lost $83 million

A South Carolina woman bagged a $1.5 billion fortune but was pushed into fraudulent investments with links to organised crime.

A New York attorney has been found guilty of defrauding lottery-winning clients out of tens of millions of dollars.

The self-proclaimed ‘Lottery Lawyer’ Jason Kurland was convicted last month on five counts of wire fraud, honest services wire fraud and money laundering.

“to steer his clients to invest millions of dollars in companies that he secretly owned and took illegal kickbacks based on his clients’ investments without their knowledge.”

A middle-aged woman from Carolina, who testified under the pseudonym Beth Smith, discovered that a Mega Millions ticket she had purchased the day before had landed her a jackpot of $1.5 billion.

It was the largest single-ticket lotto win in US history and she felt a mix of “astonishment, disbelief, joy, anxiety,” according to her court testimony.

She and her husband were in their late 50s and decided to stash the ticket away until they knew how to proceed.

They wanted to remain anonymous and realised they needed professional advice to deal with such a huge amount of money.

They saw Kurland appear on a morning television show and, despite finding his ‘Lottery Lawyer’ moniker gimmicky, decided that he was best-placed to offer assistance.

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