Vanessa Bryant awarded $16 million in Kobe Bryant crash photos trial

Kobe Bryant awarded $16 million in damages over leaked photographs of the January 2020 helicopter crash site snapped by first responders and shared with members of the public

The nine jurors who returned the unanimous verdict agreed with Vanessa Bryant and her attorneys that deputies and firefighters taking

and sharing photos of the remains of Kobe Bryant and their 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, invaded her privacy and brought her emotional distress.

Vanessa Bryant and co-offended party Chris Chester sued Los Angeles County for unknown large number of dollars over the photos, which included realistic pictures of human remaining parts.

Chester's significant other, Sarah, and girl, Payton, 13, were among nine individuals killed when their helicopter crashed north of Los Angeles.

The jury granted Chester $15 million in punitive fees.

Lawyers for Bryant and Chester argued that both plaintiffs suffered undue emotional stress after learning county employees took cellphone pictures of human remains as “souvenirs” and shared them with colleagues and members of the public.

Shutting contentions started Tuesday, on what might have been Kobe Bryant's 44th birthday celebration.

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