Today's Free Daily Horoscope, 10 August 2022

Today's Free Daily Horoscope, 10 August 2022

oday you might complete a difficult project that's important to your  career. Acknowledgement of your dedication and hard work could find you  more emotionally overwhelmed than makes you comfortable.

A long-awaited event, perhaps a wedding or christening, could have you  moved to tears, Taurus. As you're naturally a person who doesn't like to  show your feelings, you might need to be by yourself until the urge to  cry has passed.

An intense, emotional dream could move you so powerfully that you awaken  with the odd sense that the dream was real. Write it down, Gemini.  Maybe it is. Efforts to overcome obstacles and advance in business could  finally pay off.

Emotional discussions with your partner could move you to tears, Cancer.  You've overcome any difficulties and probably reached a new  understanding. Any relationship or friendship started or advanced now  shows promise of being strong and lasting.

Today you may feel the need to do a lot of work around your home, Leo.  Perhaps you expect future visitors or simply want to spruce up the place  for yourself. You may need to pace yourself and not try to do  everything at once.

Some intense communications with a close friend or lover could reveal  wonderful things about your relationship. Perhaps you have more in  common than you thought. Maybe your fears and insecurities prove  groundless.

Ancient social traditions could be a powerful part of today, Libra. An  emotional event concerning your family, perhaps planning a wedding or  other milestone, could have you feeling especially moved.

You usually place a lot of importance on self-control. Today this skill  will come in handy when you receive some wonderful news that might  otherwise move you to tears. Don't carry it too far.

Expect some great news regarding money, possibly professional  advancement. You may have to control the urge to break into tears of  joy, Sagittarius. A female friend could be going through some heavy  changes and might want your support.

Happy events involving a close female relative might have you feeling  emotional, Capricorn. A marriage or birth could be involved. Your  projects, particularly those with other people, could proceed well  despite difficulties you've had to overcome.

Your telepathy and intuition are at an all-time high today, Aquarius.  You should find it easier than usual to tune in to others' thoughts and  feelings. It might be a good idea to control your reactions.

Today a deep concern for others' feelings could have you lending a  sympathetic ear to those in need of some understanding. It's more  important to listen than talk now, Pisces, even though your practicality  might want to express itself.