Today's Free Daily Horoscope 06 August 2022

Today's Free Daily Horoscope 06 August 2022

Mornings aren't usually your best time, Aries. You aren't fully awake  until afternoon. Try not to discount the events of this particular  morning, however. More than likely, you'll enjoy your best mental  clarity sometime before noon.

Your world may seem rather tight and rigid this morning, Taurus, but the  good news is that difficulties are apt to melt away as the day  progresses. Don't assume that opinions are fixed in stone.

This is one of those days in which you're better able to stand back and  look at your emotions intellectually, Gemini. Your freedom-loving nature  isn't built to deal with heavy emotional baggage and turmoil, so don't  bother trying.

Prepare for a surprise today, Cancer. Perhaps it will come from someone  else or perhaps it will come from you. Either way, by evening you're apt  to be feeling quite lovey-dovey and rather spaced out.

Things seem to be going quite well for you in many respects, Leo. Your  thinking is clear, your emotions are under control, and the puzzle  pieces are fitting into place.

Your engine may sputter this morning as your gears begin to turn, Virgo.  It could be that you're working out something important in your mind  that's helping clarify your emotions.

Be careful not to overdo things today, Libra. You may so zealously want  to meet your goals that you overshoot the mark by quite a bit. Feel free  to express your exuberance and let your enthusiasm shine in whatever  you do.

Tempers may get hot today when someone says something that pierces you  to your core. Address this problem right away, Scorpio, instead of  letting it fester through the rest of the day.

Don't be surprised if you leap out of bed with a spark of inspiration  that wasn't there last night, Sagittarius. Let your dreams linger a bit  before you face the world.

Sometimes your emotions overtake your rational thoughts, Capricorn, and  you end up acting on impulse. Today you'll find that your head and heart  are aligned on significant issues, and that they're working well  together.

Review your day as you watch the sunset and observe the clouds turning  from white to purple, Aquarius. Make sure that your head is in tune with  your heart. Think about the day's emotions and thought patterns and how  they affected your actions.

Your mind is buzzing like a bee, Pisces. You're apt to find that  there's very little you can do to slow it down. Make sure you add  compassion to the chain that's holding everything together.