Shaquille O’Neal Blamed Nba Legend For Missing Lakers Record

The Nba Legend Was Blamed For The Missing Lakers Record

The Lakers Legend Was At His Strongest In The Nba Finals Of 2001

It Was Clear After The Lakers Won The Fivegame Series That He Should Win Mvp

The Philadelphians Will Never Forget Allen Iverson Scoring 48 Points In The First Game

He Could Have Blocked His Shot Multiple Times But I Didnt Want To

I Was Glad To Go Into The Hall Of Fame With Him

Its Unfortunate That A Lot Of These Great Players Will Be Judged Because They Didnt Win

Its Hard To Imagine That Oneal Will Be Easy On Iverson Because Of His 44 Points And 20 Rebound In The First Game

The Bestofseven Series Was Won By The Superior Team But It Was Iversons Game 1 Performance That Cemented His Status As One Of The Alltime Greats