Scorpio Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July 20,'22 states, positive result

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) You are highly emotional but you keep your emotions hidden. For this reason, you are often misunderstood by others.

Having a straightforward approach in life, you do not like people who are dishonest or manipulators.

You always tell the truth and do not tolerate any kind of dishonesty.

You wish to connect with only those people whom you find attractive and  are ready to assist them no matter how difficult the situation is.

Being a little stubborn, you stand firm to your opinion. This also means  that you find it difficult to compromise and often land up in trouble.

But your courage and strong determination encourages you to work towards  achieving your goal. Your charming nature helps you in fulfilling your  dreams. Also, you are polite and soft-spoken.

Scorpio Family Today You will work towards making some  favorable changes in your home environment. A wedding in the close  family will bring joy and laughter.

Scorpio Career Today Any meeting that you attend today  will bring positive result. Your performance at work may suffer if you  let stress come in between, so try to remain calm.

Scorpio Health Today You will try to work towards a  balanced lifestyle that will involve healthy practices like drinking  lots of water, eating seasonal fruits, high protein diet, lots of rest  and some physical exercise.

Scorpio Love Life Today Your love life will be loving  and interesting. As the day will progress, you will get a chance to  spend fun time with each other. Romance will keep you in high spirits. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Dark Turquoise