Mouthpiece Incident Results in Curry's Ejection from Warriors Game

During a crucial moment in the game, a frustrated Curry removed his mouthpiece and flung it through the air.

The mouthpiece bounced off the court and landed near the courtside seats, resulting in an automatic ejection. 

 The action highlights questions about the team's heightened sense of urgency given their current season.

Curry's actions were a clear indication of his frustration and disappointment with the team's performance. 

The momentum of the game had shifted, and the team was struggling to keep up.

The ejection was a costly one, not just because it meant that Curry would no longer be able to play,

 but also because it highlighted the team's lack of composure and discipline at a critical point in the game. 

This incident is likely to raise even more questions about the team's ability to handle pressure and perform under pressure, especially as the season progresses.

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