With the arrival of Christmas also arrives new hopes, new opportunities,  and new ways to express love to my better half. I wish our relationship  touches the pinnacle of love. Merry Christmas and may love stays in  between us forever!

Money, power, prestige, opulence, nothing attracts me at all. What  astonishes me is your gentle smile and the way you kiss my forehead. At  that moment, I experience cosmic love. Merry Christmas and you mean a  lot in my life!

Nothing makes my Christmas celebration more happening than your  heartwarming and amiable Christmas text with oodles of love and your  smell sprinkled on it. Merry Christmas, my love!

What I say? Every word I have said to you of love. For me you are my love above and beyond. Happy Christmas my love!

None I want, none I think. What I think is about you with my every eye blink. Wishing you happy Christmas my love!

What I may for wish and what I say? All the flowers; roses and lilies  bow in your way. May you be always safe dear! Happy Christmas my love!

Together we breathe, together our hearts beat. We are made for each  other, it is God’s deed. May you be always in my life forever! Happy  Christmas my love!

Love you forever, die with you, again born with you to love you. I wish May it get true! Happy Christmas my love!