What to Pack for Disneyland

Californians may now travel to Disneyland. We don't know when non-residents will be welcomed, but it's a good indication. Packing list for Disneyland?

When vacationing on Disney property, you'll feel in a "bubble." Pack everything you need since leaving the property might be inconvenient. You may stroll to various pharmacies in Disneyland.

While it's still vital to take personal stuff, it's useful to know you can obtain most things you need nearby if you miss anything. Packing is easier.

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Check Disneyland's list of forbidden goods before packing. Other goods are banned, too. Selfie sticks, waggons, rolling coolers, foldable chairs, weapons-looking toys, etc.

Two theme park packing lists are downloaded. The main Disneyland packing list includes goods for the entire family as well as personal stuff.

Disney just wants fat cats, not Mickey Mouse fans

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