The "what human feeling are you quiz?" is a personality quiz currently taking over the TikTok space.

Many users have jumped onto the trend, trying to decipher what their mood board dictates, and have garnered thousands of likes by sharing the results on the short-form app.

The trending personality quiz can be played on the site Although it's default language is Russian...

The whimsical personality quiz is available on, but its default language is Russian.

For non-Russian speakers, you will have to translate to your preferred language using your web browser.

If you are accessing the website through Google Chrome, go to the translate button labeled "AA'' in the top right corner of the search bar.

This helps to translate to the language of choice automatically.

The "what human feeling are you quiz?" has multiple choice questions in which you are asked a range of questions with options to pick from.

Some of the questions include: 1. What would you like right now? 2. Choose a random event from life that suits you 3. Is it okay to have feelings? 4. Choose a drink 5. Color language. Choose what you like the most.

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