What the Tyre Nichols beating videos show

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Bodycam footage of 29-year-old father Tyre Nichols calling for his mother as he is beaten by police in Memphis has been released.

Mr Nichols died in hospital three days after being pulled over for alleged reckless driving.

He was pepper sprayed, kicked and punched by five officers who have since lost their jobs and been charged with his murder.

Video of the arrest, taken from body cameras and a surveillance camera mounted to a pole, was released in four instalments made public on Friday.

The BBC has reviewed the footage, which is graphically violent and full of expletives.

Only a small number of people had seen the videos before Friday evening, including Mr Nichols' family, their legal team and several officials.

Part one: Police bodycam footage shows traffic stop

Part two: Footage from pole camera shows brutal beating

Part three: Bodycam footage shows Mr Nichols cry out 'Mom'

Part four: Bodycam footage shows Tyre Nichols bloodied

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