What educational stream best suits your zodiac sign?

Aries: Applied studies are more to their liking because  of their inquisitive nature and their capacity to rise to a challenge.  Scientific topics pique their interest; hence they can be drawn to  careers in administration or engineering.

Taurus: They have a logical and critical mindset.  They've got a good grasp of numbers, so they could opt for commerce or  maths. They are drawn to the visual arts because of their artistic  ability.

Gemini: Given their penchant for learning multiple  things, they end up studying a lot of subjects. From the technical side,  they can become a master in electronics or computer engineering as it  helps them learn new communication tools.

Cancer: They have a sympathetic nature and like  studying topics that will enable them to care for others. They can  choose to study medicine if they want something more technical. They  perform well in fields like social work, sociology, and teaching, which  are non-technical.

Leo: They have a great desire to express their talent  and abilities because they are a fiery sign. On the technical side, they  typically choose engineering and physics. But at their core, they are  talented in the performing and artistic arts and adore the humanities.

Virgo: They are logical and analytical hence they like  to study subjects which involve numbers and data. such fields include  accounting and mathematics, statistics, physics and data analytics.

Libra: This is a creative and social sign; therefore,  they choose to study things that help them interact with others. They  frequently show an interest in the performing, visual, and literary  arts. The sign of balance excels in sociology, psychology, and geography  when it comes to the social sciences.

Scorpio: Inquisitive by nature, they are eager to learn  more about the unknown. Many of them would be excellent doctors or  researchers, and they are interested in the medical sciences. Other  fields of study that spark their interest include chemistry and military  sciences.

Sagittarius: Given their adventurous nature, they're  interested in a wide range of topics. It comes easy to them to study  subjects such as psychology, sociology and media studies, as well as law  and social work. They have a natural ability to acquire new languages  and adapt to different cultures and ways of thinking.

Capricorn: They are drawn to modern and  application-oriented research. They are drawn to the study of  philosophy, linguistics, and the study of languages. Additionally, they  are interested in logic and mathematics. Capricorns are known for their  culinary prowess, as well as their talent in the fields of interior  design and fashion.

Aquarius: They are born with a creative mind. History,  languages, philosophy, religion, archaeology, and cultural and ethnic  studies all pique their attention. Their interests extend to the  performing and visual arts as well as to the study of archives,  libraries, and art museums.

Pisces: Psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion  all stimulate the interest of this knowledgeable sign. They are  excellent communicators who are frequently employed in journalism, media  studies, or the visual arts. To better convey the feelings they have  toward others, many of these people are also accomplished artists and  musicians.