The landmark gun violence bill  was passed in the US House of Representatives earlier this week and now  is awaiting it's final step to be enacted.

It is at the President's desk to get the final signature and change the course of US gun violence history.

The US Senate has sent the watershed the gun control legislation to the President Joe Biden for his signature and enactment.

The US House of Representative had passed this bill on Thursday and now  this historic move is just one step away from being accomplished.

The bill is now headed for President Biden’s desk for his signature and  enactment, which is anticipated as his aides have said he is waiting to  sign it.

“With this bipartisan package, we take the first steps to fight back on behalf of the American people

who desperately want new measures to keep communities safe in the high  numbers in the polling,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on the floor of the  House.

“To those who lacked the courage to join in this work, I say your  political survival is insignificant compared to the survival of our  children.”

The last gun laws reform was in 1994 when assault weapons were banned.

The new legislation, which has been described as a modest attempt at reforming America’s famously loose gun laws

follows an outpouring of national outrage and frustration over recent killings of 10 African Americans in Buffalo

New York and 19 children at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas just 10 days apart.

The bill was negotiated by a bipartisan group of 10 Democratic and 10  Republican members of the senate, led by Chris Murphy and John Cornyn  respectively.

It cleared the senate in a 65-33 vote with 15 Republicans voting with all 50 democrats in the 100-member chamber.

The House passed it mostly along party lines 234 to 193, with 15 Republicans joining all Democrats.