US crypto firm Harmony said that thieves stole around $100 million worth of digital coins from one of its key products.

US crypto firm Harmony said on Friday that thieves stole around $100  million worth of digital coins from one of its key products, the latest  in a string of cyber heists on a sector long targeted by hackers.

Harmony develops blockchains for so-called decentralised finance -  peer-to-peer sites that offer loans and other services without the  traditional gatekeepers such as banks - and non-fungible tokens.

The California-based company said the heist hit its Horizon "bridge", a  tool for transferring crypto between different blockchains - the  underlying software used by digital tokens such as bitcoin and ether.

Thefts have long plagued companies in the crypto sector, with blockchain bridges increasingly targeted.

Harmony tweeted that it was "working with national authorities and  forensic specialists to identify the culprit and retrieve the stolen  funds", without giving further details.

It did not immediately respond to requests for comment sent via email and social media.

Elliptic, which tracks publicly visible blockchain data, said the  hackers stole a number of different cryptocurrencies from Harmony

including ether, Tether, and USD Coin, which they later swapped for ether using so-called decentralised exchanges.

In March, hackers stole around $615 million worth of cryptocurrency from  Ronin Bridge, used to transfer crypto in and out of the game Axie  Infinity.

The United States linked North Korean hackers to the theft, one of the ever.