These are most rebellious zodiac signs of all times: Are you one of them?

Aquarius - Aquarius is recognized for always choosing their different path, the most rebellious sign of the zodiacs.

Because they have autonomous thought, they are unafraid of any kind of  authority. Remembering that they are typically free spirits is crucial.

Aquarians often don't want people to keep any expectations and don't shy  away from saying no. Rules are not on the list for this zodiac sign,  it's either their way or nothing.

Aries - Nobody should be surprised that someone born  under the fire sign always wants things to turn out exactly the way they  envision them.

Since they are not big on developing strategy, people born under this  passionate zodiac sign tend to act on emotions quite often.

Even if you have strong arguments to support your assertions, Aries will always find something to disagree with you on

Sagittarius - Having a clear direction towards their  thoughts is a great characteristic of Sagittarians. No doubt they are  always ready to have a rebellion.

Sagittarians are committed to following their passions. In case of not  being allowed to do what they want this zodiac might not abide by the  rules and look for a way out.

Libra - Often known for its peaceful nature, this  zodiac also likes to follow its dreams. They have a clear vision of the  path they would like to follow and also become rebellious if someone  comes in the middle.

Having people's approval is not what they are looking for. A decision  made by them is the last word and don't stop till they get to their  goal.

Following their heart is what majorly matters to them and if they have to become rebellious for it, they won't take a back seat.