These 5 Zodiac signs are most likely to be depressed

These 5 Zodiac signs are most likely to be depressed

Capricorn: Capricorns are gloomy and close-minded  individuals. For Capricorn’s expressing emotions is very important and  not doing so can lead to major depression.

They usually take the responsibility for everything and constantly blame themselves. This guilt often turns into depression.

Taurus: Mostly introverts, Taurus individuals love to  stay in their comfort zone. They always follow the routine and hate any  changes in their daily lives.

The main reason for depression in these zodiac is because of the changes  they counter in daily routines and staying out of their comfort also  develop anxiety in them.

Scorpio: Scorpions are more susceptible to suffering  from depression as they feel deeply and intensely. They invest heavily  in their personal relationships and get hurt easily if it is not working  or often dwell on subjects hurtful to them in the past.

And loneliness, loss, and separation from loved ones leave them  depressed. They often don’t share their feelings because they feel  someone might exploit them.

Cancer: They are the most caring and giving individuals  with brave hearts outside and fragile ones inside. It is because of  this they get hurt easily, even after giving their 100% in anything they  do

all they receive is a disappointment from others. They usually are very  bad at hiding their emotion and burst out all their emotions.

Pisces: Pisces usually are kind and loving persons,  with a tendency towards martyrdom and self-sacrifice. It is this  self-destructive and dreamy outlook on life that leaves them  disenchanted and gloomy.

They usually want to control their lives as much as they want, failing  which, they always choose to suffer in silence and try to smile outside  to keep their family and friends happy.