The Worst Alcoholic Drinks For Your Heart

Whether you're meeting friends for happy hour, enjoying a few beers at a  family barbecue, or just relaxing at the end of a long day with a glass  of wine, for most adults, there's nothing wrong with drinking in  moderation.

But as you age, you may find yourself thinking more about your heart health, and wondering whether alcohol can be a part of a heart-healthy diet.

Rum and Coke

"Any drink with soda is going to be unhealthy for your heart," says Young. "Considerable  research has found a connection between drinking soda and an increase in  heart disease and mortality."

Piña Colada

"These are made with rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and coconut  cream, and not only are they high in sugar but the coconut cream is high  in saturated fat," says Young.

Long Island Iced Tea

"They contain a blend of alcohols along with syrup, cola, and sweet and  sour mix. The mix of alcohol, sugar, and high-calorie content is  unhealthy for the heart."

Frozen Daiquiri

"Daiquiris are full of calories and sugar, and are often pretty big, making them even more value dense than people realize,"

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