Roman Reigns The Undisputed Wwe Universal Champion Is The Biggest Star In The Wrestling Industry Today.

Reigns' Height Is 6' 3'' Which Means Many Of His Former Rivals And Current Wwe Superstars Are Taller Than Him But His Core Strength And Prowess Compensates For The Height Disadvantage.

In His Historic World Championship Reign Reigns Has Defeated Many Superstars Shorter Than Him Who Were No Match For His Size And Strength.

Randy Orton Is Just Two Inches Taller Than Roman Reigns But Orton'S Size Advantage Over Him Is Virtually Insignificant Considering That Reigns Has More Muscle Mass.

Roman Reigns Has The Physical Capabilities And Passion To Enter The Film Industry And Become A Hollywood Megastar.

The Apex Predator Randy Orton Thinks That Reigns Would Run To Hollywood Like John Cena And The Rock.

Reigns' Acting Career Hasn'T Taken Off Yet But His Wrestling Career Has Been Memorable Thus Far.

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