The Rock Refuses To Work Under Triple H After Vince Mcmahon’S Exit

The Rock Doesnt Work Under Triple H

Wrestlemania 39 Has Been Turned Down By The Rock Due To The Departure Of Vince Mcmahon

The Rock Is One Of The Most Popular Wrestlers In The World

The Rock Was One Of The Favorites To Win The Match

At Wrestlemania Roman Reigns Will Face Off Againstcody Rhodes In A Wwe Universal Championship Match

The Game Joked That The Rock Wouldnt Be In Shape After Triple H Was Questioned About The Rocks Absence In The Royal Rumble

If He Could Do It He Would Turn Over Every Stone And Walk Through Fire To Be Able To Do It

It Will Be Interesting To See If The Rock Shows Up For The Next Wrestlemania And If He Will Work With Triple H