Dad’s don’t necessarily need special or fancy gifts, but Bitcoiners want to make sure our dads have the Bitcoin tools and gadgets they need.

Aside from relaxing on the couch with a cold beer, surrounded by family, dads don’t really need much.

We already have our families. I say this as a father of three, with my wife of eight years recently giving birth to our third child.

If you think about it, most things will end up in the trash eventually. I like to refer to many of the toys we get our kids as presents as “future trash.”

It’s an unfortunate by-product of the fiat society we live in.

What’s a surefire way to keep earnings growing year over year? By making products that don’t last.

I’m not saying that this is even intentional; it’s just the current state of things. Cut costs at all cost.

After years of iteration in this system, we’ve fundamentally changed from a production to a consumption society where products simply don’t last.

The first thought that came to mind was basically just buying some bitcoin.

A rough 33-times multiplier would take bitcoin to a million bucks, meaning a $100 bitcoin buy would become about $3,300.

Assuming we’ve avoided a hyperinflationary catastrophe, that’s probably still a pretty solid vacation for you and the family.

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