TAURUS (Apr 21-May20) Today is the day to write down everything when it comes to managing wealth. Make the most of your time together with family.

Don't forget to share whatever you have in your mind with your loved  ones. These memories will last a lifetime, so enjoy a wonderful day with  them.

It's a fruitful time to consider all the options. The time you spend  investigating your career alternatives can have some very interesting  results.

You may be pleased to see that your own health is very strong, but some  of your closed relatives may get sick at this time completely unnoticed.

You have recently experienced a misunderstanding. Use the advice and  mediation skills of good and trusted friends. You will soon overcome  this hump.

Taurus Finance Today You tend to be little  absent-minded about money these days, so you need to pay attention to  your spending. It may look like you've received wealth as a gift or  inheritance.

Taurus Family Today People who are staying away from  families should be ready for surprise. One of you is planning to meet  family today in a long-awaited manner.

Taurus Career Today Today, you may have an urge to ask  yourself if you have chosen the right profession. Excessive stress in  the office makes you think about changing job.

Taurus Health Today Today is the day to check the  health of the people around you in your family and social circles. Be  aware of any signs that your loved one is sick and speak up immediately.

Taurus Love Life Today If you and your spouse/lover are  out of sync, you may encounter some difficulties in your love life.  According to the stars, the reconciliation can take time.