Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Grapefruit Juice

Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice also makes an amazing mixer for a refreshing cocktail or mocktail at happy hour.

But what are the health benefits of this delicious drink? And are there any potential side effects to drinking it?

1. It will provide plenty of important nutrients.

One of the best outcomes of drinking grapefruit juice is that you can get a boost of helpful nutrients.

2. It may interact with certain medications.

According to McDermott, those on certain medications may want to limit their consumption of grapefruit juice.

3. It may raise your blood sugar.

Drinking fruit juice of any kind can alter your blood sugar levels

4. It might boost your immunity.

Lastly, drinking grapefruit juice may potentially help boost your immunity, as long as it's paired with a healthy diet.

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