Suns Star Reacts To The Scary J.J. Watt News

J.J. Watt is entering his second season playing with the Cardinals, but he's still getting used to living in Arizona.

On Saturday, Watt revealed on social media that he found a baby rattlesnake in his bathroom.

Later, the star pass rusher said the snake was eventually identified as a "completely harmless" Longnose snake.

That's good news, but it still doesn't make it any less unsettling that he found the reptile in his house.

Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul certainly made it clear he's hoping the same thing doesn't happen to him.

Watt decided to have some fun at Paul's expense after he saw his response.

"I asked the guy to drop it off in your yard after he came to pick it up," Watt wrote to CP3. "Was that not the right move?"

Hopefully, neither of these guys have to worry about snakes in their  homes anytime soon. As someone who grew up in the Northeast, just the  thought of that is frightening.

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