Sung Hoon Apologizes for His Behavior On Variety Show

Sung Hoon has apologized for his manners and behavior on the variety show “The Must-Try Restaurants.”

tvN’s “The Must-Try Restaurants” is a variety show where the hosts and guests line up to try popular restaurants.

Sung Hoon appeared on the August 8 episode of the program, but when in  line for the restaurant, he reacted, “Let’s go somewhere else,” and, “I  can’t stand in line.”

When they got in the restaurant and started eating, he shook his head to  shake off his sweat, and he used tongs to eat food as if they are  chopsticks.

Some viewers of the program criticized Sung Hoon’s attitude for not  understanding the concept of the program properly and for his unsanitary  behavior at the table.

In response to the criticism, Sung Hoon’s agency Stallion Entertainment  commented on August 10, “[Sung Hoon] overreacted a bit while trying to  be more entertaining.

We apologize to the viewers who may have felt uncomfortable watching this. We will pay more attention in the future.”