‘Shotgun Wedding’ (2023) Movie Review: A Fun Action Comedy with JLo as Main Attraction

Shotgun Wedding is a 2023 Prime Video comedy movie directed by Jason Moore and starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel. 

The script is written by Mark Hammer.

This is a comedy we were missing because of its classic spirit and above all,  

because it knows how to be the comedy it needs to be (we are talking about Hollywood’s golden years) and not fall into melodrama. 

Shotgun Wedding is more of an “action comedy” than a romantic one and although it is pretty “silly” (I don´t think anyone will deny this), 

it knows how to be acid when it has to be, and especially avoid some clichés, 

and although it combines topics, mocks them even though it is a prisoner of its genre.

Firstly, this is a funny movie with JLo running around in a wedding gown while the bride and groom fight with some criminals full of spikes on an island.

Crazy, entertaining… and different (just enough) in order to offer us a show that, although it is is not marvelous,

is entertaining enough to give us situations that are not suprising that don’t mmake much sense and avoiding the pitfalls of romanticism.

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