Scorpio Horoscope Today:Daily predictions for July 15,'22 states, air of caution

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov22) Your assertive nature and your passion will drive some people away and bring other closer to you.

You will see some long terms pursuits come to fruition.

You will be filled with a sense of purpose from the start of the day which may bring about mixed results.

Although you are not able to concentrate on your work as much, your  ability to push yourself will aid you in any task you pursue and this  could also lead to some form of acknowledgment from your peers.

Scorpio Finances Today Although you may not be too  concerned with finances today, your expenditure is bound to go up. You  might face some additional financial burdens as well.

Scorpio Family Today Recent engagements may have kept  you away from family concerns and this could become an issue.  Disagreements with various family members could come.

Scorpio Career Today You will be having an exquisite  workday with many new opportunities coming your way. Being assertive you  can grab many opportunities and place yourself in situations that could  prove beneficial to your career.

Scorpio Health Today You will be glowing with positive  energy today from the start. The stars favor you and will ensure that  you are in good health all day long.

Scorpio Love Life Today This is an exciting day for  romance and you could expect some surprises today. This is a great time  to take your relationship further ahead. Your partner is most likely  making plans as well. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Violet