Sagittarius Horoscope Today:Daily prediction for July 20,'22 states, appreciated

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Desc 21) Because of your ruling  planet Jupiter, you love to please everyone around you. That's why you  usually make your friends and loved ones feel super special.

Your emotional intelligence helps you to build a strong connect with others. You are outspoken, optimistic and extrovert.

You seek affection from everyone you come in contact with. For you a  professional relationship is no less than a personal relationship.

Trust and open communication matter you the most in any relation.  Another prominent characteristic in your personality is independence.

You have a strong sense of independence and have the ability to do what you want to.

You believe in taking risks and have a sharp business mentality.  However, this independent nature, sometimes, makes it difficult for you  to reach a consensus.

Sagittarius Finance Today You may get news of  inheritance of ancestor’s property and this will make the entire family  happy. Avenues from where you earn money will grow.

Sagittarius Family Today You may take an off from work  to spend time with your children. It is also possible that you take your  family on an outing for the entire day. It's going to be fun, so sit  back and enjoy!

Sagittarius Career Today The day holds an amazing time  at work. You will be appreciated for your performance. Your partner may  think of sharing a greater margin of profit with you.

Sagittarius Health Today The routine that you have been  following with regards to diet and exercise will bring in good results.  Continue following the same. You may enjoy some adventure activity.

Sagittarius Love Life Today You may be angry with your partner today for no fault of him/her. Take the lead to calm down the situation and feel sorry. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown