Sagittarius Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for July 18,'22 states,good health

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) Sagittarians are likely to  enjoy splendid health today. You will look for ways to build your  stamina and strengthen your immune system.

Today, you may notice a lot of intuition in your interactions with  family members, friends and relatives. You must trust your intuition to  make the best decisions.

Near and dear ones will remain caring and concerned all day. However,  you will have to be very secretive about investments to make a handsome  profit.

The professional front may remain hectic and demanding for Sagittarians.  But you will enjoy the challenges that come your way today.

Reverses on the academic front will make Sagittarius students stronger  and they will be able to achieve what they had set out for.

A trip that is unconventional and adventurous will be favourable to  enjoy every minute of it. Some of you are likely to become the proud  owners of landed property in an up-market location.

Sagittarius Finance Today Make sure you carefully  handle all financial commitments and transactions diligently today,  Sagittarians! Avoid disclosing your investment plans to others.

Sagittarius Family Today Your family members might  reach out to check up on your health. Don't take their concern as  nagging and be nice to them. Guests' visit would make it a pleasant and  wonderful day.

Sagittarius Career Today Some Sagittarians may feel  unnecessarily pressured at the workplace, but don’t lose hope as the  period will pass shortly. Salary and perks curtailed previously are  likely to be restored.

Sagittarius Health Today A new exercise or diet that  you are trying for coming back in shape will prove successful. Seek the  assistance of a professional to help bolster your health, be it a doctor  or a therapist.

Sagittarius Love Life Today Someone whom you admire on  the romantic front may send positive signals today. Sagittarian singles  will not feel like socializing today. Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Magenta