SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) Don’t hide yourself from the world. Today is the day to ask for help when you are in a difficult situation.

Be very open about where your turmoil is and what you are looking for.  Keep an eye out for bargains in today's real estate market.

You and your partner/parents/children feel ignored and lose the love and attention.

You are suggested to take a break and arrange recreational activity together.

Continue your nutritious diet, enjoy your leisure activities and maximize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Emotions can rise and certain minor situations can be exaggerated. Don't  be discouraged; such little conflicts keep your passion alive.

You can move through this day feeling confident and motivated if you just trust in yourself!

Sagittarius Finance Today You can land a lucrative real estate transaction. This way, you may be able to get a very profitable land.

Sagittarius Family Today Your horoscope today shows  that you are usually happy with your family. However, you may also feel  they are too busy for you or you may feel that you do not have enough  time for each other.

Sagittarius Career Today If you are working, talk to  seniors about future issues. Issues that are openly discussed can be  resolved smoothly. You may feel a little confused professionally and  will require to seek an expert advice.

Sagittarius Health Today Thank that you are in good  health. Keep exercising regularly. Take care of your health so that you  can avoid the recurrence of your previous illness.

Sagittarius Love Life Today Avoid minor disagreements  with your love partner. Play your part to regain your sanity and win a  calm head. These little quarrels will soon be forgotten.