The sport of NASCAR has seen some notable father-son duos over the  years, arguably none more famous than Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr.

Kyle Busch and his son are hoping to be next in those ranks.

The prominent NASCAR driver and his son are hoping to race together before everything is said and done.

NASCAR fans are loving the goal for Kyle and Brexton.

"I don’t like him, but that’s pretty cool," one fan tweeted.

"I love this. I do wish Kurt had children to do this with as well. But I  think it would be cool to see Kyle and Brexton share a truck or race  against each other," another fan added.

"Honestly, incredible plan by KB. I really hope KB/Toyota/JGR can figure this thing out," one fan added.

"If this is happens and Kyle Busch retires when Brexton is 18, Kyle will be racing through 2033," one fan wrote.

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