Word 1: Quordle Clues For June 20 (top left), a clue — a young girl from a tiny village went on a nighttime journey on one

Word 2: (top right) a sort of fabric — a hint

Word 3: (bottom left) breaks open from the inside – this is a hint.

Word 4: (bottom right) With her following Grammy nominations, Taylor Swift's fans will be hoping for this.

N is a prevalent consonant today. There are two words in which the letters are repeated. T, L, B, and S are the first letters of today's words.

What are June 20, 2022, Quordle answers? Take this as your spoiler alert. Before looking at the solutions, try your hardest to find the words.

The words of the day are: TRAIN LINEN BURST SWEEP

We hope you were able to guess the words or continue your winning streak with the correct answers.

Medium Brush Stroke

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